Monday, March 2, 2009

Let's start with Socks!

I am so happy to get this blog up and running. Ok, so, I am totally addicted to knitting. Why? Who knows, who cares. I began knitting as a little girl, I think my grandma taught me, she was always working on an afghan for someone. Growing up I would knit off and on, but I have really been going at it the last 5 years or so. Until this last year I have mostly shopped at craft stores for yarn, but this year my "stitch n bitch" gal friends turned me on to the "real thing". Wonderful fibers found at yarn "shops" run by terrifically talented women. Now, when I can, I buy from them. Not only do I love supporting a small business, it's nice to talk with someone who has knowledge to offer. I admit, I do still hit the craft stores, sadly my budget does not allow me to support my habit in the manner I would like. But, at the end of the day I have what I need to juggle multiple projects and feed my addiction. Those of you reading this that share in this ailment know what I am talking about.

This blog will be a vehicle for me (and hopeful my readers) to talk about and share our success and failure with our craft. It will also be a fun way for me to showcase my projects. So, here I go with the first entry!

Socks, do not be afraid! I have learned to have fun with them this past winter. I successfully knocked off a few pairs of traditional, ribbed socks using the great self-striping yarn, On-line Supersocke 100circle. They knit up perfectly, thanks to a great pattern from a friend. Even turning the heal was a breeze. Recently, a local craft store ran a big moving sale, you know the kind, 50% off! So, not being able to resist I stocked up on bags o' yarn. Patons Kroy Socks was among my treasures. This is a nice, self striping washable wool. I went to their website and found this easy pattern for Spiral Socks ( you need to sign up for a free membership to access the free patterns). These knit up quickly and are very cozy. They are a more loose sock, I like to wear them with my chunky clogs. If you are knitting them for a gift and don't know the exact shoe size of the recipient, this is a great pattern to use . I followed the pattern exactly, using sizes 3 Takumi double points. Here is another look at them.

I would love to hear about your success with socks! Anyone have a good pattern using a DK or worsted weight yarn? Let's get our Knitalogue going!

Projects I am working on: a cotton market tote, cotton lace pattern summer sweater and bamboo blend sleeveless top (can you tell I am ready for warmer weather?).

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  1. Great socks! I have a friend who also just did socks...

    shes been doing her blog for several years now, you should check it out!